Why do you refer to your clients as “members”?

Why are you so dedicated to providing Concierge Circle members with personalized service?

A lot of Real Estate Agents work with a team. What makes the Bair Group team unique?

You’ve closed over 3,000 deals in a short period of time. What’s the secret to your success as a negotiator?

What can I expect from the Phoenix real estate market in 2014?

What benefits does the Concierge Circle provide to members who are buying a home?

Concierge Circle members searching for their next home enjoy many time-saving benefits. One of them is the ability to visit any available property in as little as two hours. Bair Group can even create a custom video walkthrough of the home and email it to you in the event that you are out of town or unavailable when a new property comes on the market. Members may also receive complimentary services like packing assistance, utility management and legal contract review.

Out-of-state buyers receive high-profile treatment, too. They work with a personal concierge who will arrange airfare, hotel and transportation, streamlining a trip to Phoenix.

Each part of the Concierge Circle Membership experience is designed to make home buying effortless, efficient and pleasant.

What benefits does the Concierge Circle provide to members who list a home for sale?

There is no need to put off selling because you don’t have the time to get your home in “show ready” condition. Your personal concierge does that–at no cost to you. Working with our trusted partners, your concierge manages all the little updates and alterations that buyers want to see. He or she will determine your needs and provide complimentary services like landscaping, handyman repairs, interior design and professional cleaners. With the Bair Group’s exclusive Concierge Circle investing in your success, the only thing you have to focus on is accepting a great offer.

How can Bair Group afford to provide complimentary services for Concierge Circle members?

It all comes down to one thing: We’re as invested in your success as you are. While many Realtors might make this same claim, few of them are willing to prove it by investing their own money in a client’s home. Brian Bair will.

Is Brian Bair really Arizona’s #1 Real Estate Agent?

Brian Bair has been Arizona’s top-producing MLS agent by both sales and volume for 2012 and 2013. He is nearly doubling the closings of the second most successful Real Estate Agent in the state.